Believers worldwide are beginning to question what we know...

Believers worldwide are giving up.

We’ve been raised on the idea that a deeper understanding of Jesus simplifies your life. Most of us have listened to innumerable sermons, followed renowned speakers, subscribed to a plethora of podcasts, and scrutinized the most recommended books...

We’re discipled into rhythms of toil and work, and we're tired of it.

Despite the vast resources consumed, stress, anxiety, and fear remain rampant in our lives. We’re left feeling as though none of it is making a tangible difference. 

We’ve been promised a life filled with vibrancy and vitality – a life overflowing with the grace and hope that Jesus bestowed upon the cross. But, despite a relentless quest for knowledge, unwavering acts of faith, regular church attendance, and small group participation, so many of us secretly can't help but feel that this isn't what Jesus intended. 

On the hardest days, questioning the worth of it all...

Having spent 50 years in Ministry and countless meetings with pastors across nearly all denominations and churches, one truth stands out – it's not the fault of the believer. The world's ways have permeated the church. Believers around the world are ensnared in a cycle of toil, stress, and anxiety about their faith.

But It’s not their fault…religion has devoted all it’s attention to teaching you that the more you try, the closer to God you’ll be.

What if we could say goodbye to the constant struggle of making complex theology practical in our live? Maybe genuine transformation was not just possible but easier than anyone ever imagined…

Imagine learning directly from Jesus – actual learning based on a relationship with Him. Jesus gave us the greatest gift - The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher, comforter and coach you’ll ever have. Imagine living in a world where The Holy Spirit takes what Jesus is teaching you and brings real change into your life, your family, your marriage…

This is the founding concept of Brilliant TV. With over 50 devotional video series, Brilliant TV guides you directly to the heart of God, enabling you to learn from Jesus Himself. You will replace the toil, stress, and striving with the peace, joy, and genuine transformation you've always sought.

For over a decade, BTV has been designed and honed to bring real, lasting change to our members' lives. The stories of transformation we hear are astounding.

It's time to add your story to the list – it's time to live the life that Jesus intended for you.

Join Brilliant TV today and experience a new way of living with Jesus. 

Renew Your Mind And Be Transformed By God Anywhere, Anytime...Without The Hard Work.

Brilliant TV is overflowing with content that reveals God's magnificent hear for you to live like never before. Hear teaching from Graham Cooke, Team Brilliant and other ministry partners such as Bethel, Shawn Bolz, Jonathan and Melissa Helser & more. The BTV streaming library contains over 450 transformational videos, events, topical series, and conferences.

Over 500+ Hours of Content

Hear Graham Cooke + Team Brilliant with E-Course, Mentoring Series, Live Events & Conferences

Crafted Prayers to guide you.

Have confidence you're on the right track and know exactly where to start and how to continue your learning.

Watch Anywhere, Anytime

Watch online, or on our mobile app. 

Experience New Life with the Spirit!

Join the thousands other living the Brilliant life in over 45 countries.

Discover how Brilliant TV has been crafted over the last decade cause magnificent acceleration in your faith...

Join over 10,000 BTV members in the last decade who have experienced the powerful transformation that comes from partnering with God and making an investment into their own spiritual growth. For less than a price of a cup of coffee per week, you can exchange anxiety and stress for the peaceful certainty that comes with knowing the Father's heart for you.

On-Demand Soaking Sessions

Get access to a library of Soaking Sessions to to encourage you, build you up and equip you to walk through life's toughest challenges. Imagine having a resource of prophetic truth rooted deep in scripture to lean on... anywhere, anytime.

Access over 450 on-demand, transformational video teachings, conferences and events.

Devotional series, live events, interviews with Graham & Team Brilliant, Conference sessions with Ministry parters like Bethel and much more... 

A proven curated pathway for relational learning.

We've seen the proven evidence of spirit-led transformation in the lives of our members. We've gathered the best ideas, most successful learning pathways as well as almost a decade worth of feedback to create BTV how it is today.
Who Is Graham Cooke?
Graham is a popular speaker around the world with a passion to empower the people of God to walk in their true identity. He is a consultant to numerous churches, organizations and businesses. He is a mentor and wise counselor to those transitioning toward a higher dimension of personal and corporate life in the Spirit.

Graham has been involved in apostolic teams since 1981 and has cultivated a wide range of expertise in transitional development, corporate reinvention, and personal redefinition. 
A Message From Graham
"After working in ministry for over 40 years, I've encountered the same theme over and over: Christians often struggle with hearing God's voice, and knowing their purpose in the Kingdom.

I believe there are people in the Kingdom of God who desire to be different, who want to be significant, and have the desire to turn the world upside down. 

But in order for you to become all that you can be in Jesus, you need a place where you can learn, grow, and thrive.

My team and I have created Brilliant TV to be the place where we can all experience Kingdom transformation together."

Change your story, upgrade your identity, and live victoriously with Brilliant TV.

Brilliant TV contains 50 unique mentoring series designed to guide you to apply the Kingdom way of life to your everyday circumstances.  Each track offers a new way of thinking on a series of topics and is crafted to give you fresh perspectives and keys to transformational growth.

As you progress through BTV content, you'll be astounded at how God's heart for you gently works to exchange your old thinking for His newness. You'll go from anxious, stressed and overwhelmed to certain about what He's like, who He really is, and what that means for you. 

The newness that God has made available through Jesus is ready and available for you today.

Flexible pricing options available - Choose the plan that suits you best. 

Billed monthly, cancel at anytime
  • Access over 450 on-demand, transformational video teachings, conferences and events.
  • 60+ Conference Events & Sessions
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  • Billed Monthly, Cancel at anytime.
lifetime (MOST POPULAR)
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