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This is live guided relational learning, in community.  Learn how to bring to life Brilliant TV's keys, promises, and crafted prayers. 
  • GROUP DISCIPLESHIP: Includes 12 weeks of live 90 minute sessions with Team Brilliant (Tuesdays at 10am Pacific - don't worry, replays are always available if you can't make a session live!). 

    We have designed this to be a safe place for you to grow in God. 

  • STARTING SOON: Our next 90 minute session is Tuesday, June 21st, 10am-11:30am, Pacific time.

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*3 monthly payments of $367, or one payment of $997.  Save $797 by June 20th. Price is for 12 Impartation sessions and community membership. This membership does not automatically renew.
From Our Members:
Hear Graham Cooke and Lindsay van Zyl share the heart behind Impartation:
Enjoy Community Discipleship
Twice monthly sessions designed to coach you in how to walk with God as a new creation - to become a 100% Believer.  
Live in Absolute Security
Learn what God wants to be for you in every situation and how you can respond to Him as an overcomer.
Accelerate Your Growth
Relational learning vs. academic learning: Discover the fastest way to grow.
 (Three+Me is the key.) 
Become Unstoppable in Your Faith
Learn to live overwhelmed by the goodness of God, not overwhelmed by your circumstances.
Have a Question?
  • When are the sessions?
    Tuesdays, 10am-11:30am Pacific Time, starting June 21st.
  • ​What if I can't make a session? 
    All session replays will be available on the members-only page.
  • Can I reschedule a session?
    We aren't able to offer extra sessions if you miss one - so please make time as best you can!
  • ​Will Graham attend the sessions?
    These calls will be led by Brilliant Team members. Graham has endorsed this team and they have his full support. He will be overseeing this program and investing in their ongoing development so they can serve you at the highest possible level. Expect surprise occasional visits from our favorite teacher 😉 
  • What is the format? 
    Sessions will be hosted on Live group Zoom calls. Attending live on the Zoom app from a computer or mobile phone is recommended. This is a private and safe environment to process and talk.
  • ​What will the experience be like?
    Imagine an extended family Zoom call with Team Brilliant.
  • ​Will I be on camera or mic?
    You will be on mic and camera with Team Brilliant. These are discussions so come ready to participate!
  • ​What if I change my mind?
    If you decide that Impartation isn't for you in the first 7 days, we will be happy to refund you in full (or in part if you'd like to stay with Brilliant TV), just reach out!
Live life astonished by the goodness of the Lord.
Impartation is a powerful new way to invest in your spiritual growth. You will learn how to use keys and promises. You will learn to write crafted prayers and how to pick a truth and be true to it. You will be learning in a community that loves the revelation you love. 

We have designed this to be a safe place for you to process your growth in Jesus and to align yourself with what Jesus wants to redeem in you right now. After all, Jesus deserves for you to be blessed. 

Why Team Brilliant?
This team shows evidence of transformation in their own lives. They have traded traditional Christian learning for relational learning. They love Brilliant TV and are constantly enjoying the richness of the revelation they help steward. They have developed new mindsets that have experienced breakthroughs in their own lives. Like Jenny who says, “It has been 15 years since I had a negative thought about myself.” 

Each member of this team has both personal and professional credentials that qualify them to lead this new discipleship program. Each has at least 15 years of following teaching here at Brilliant. And, each of them are a part of Team Brilliant in their professional capacity. 

I endorse this team and they have my full support. I will be overseeing this program and investing in their ongoing development so they can serve you at the highest possible level. 
Meet the Impartation Team
Listening to Graham for the first time was like water to the soul. He spoke a language that my spirit understood and yet didn't know. Kingdom language. He spoke on the Love of God in a way that I had not fully experienced. 

I have been listening to Graham now for over twenty years. I have picked up many key truths that have transformed me over and over again from the inside out. 

There are no shortcuts in the Kingdom, not even for me being married to Graham. At the end of the day, I walk with The Three first and Graham second. There are accelerations and upgrades for us all when we are living in the understanding of who we are in The Three and all that They have provided for us to live in. 

Everyone's story and journey looks different, there is no one size fits all. 
For years I have helped people to partner with The Three in their process by helping them identify their “key truths” and embrace the uniqueness of how they were created to live and learn in The Three. Helping them to disempower their disappointments and live in a love that allows us to live above all of life's circumstances.

My first introduction to Graham more than 17 yrs ago, was "Stop it!" Graham was speaking at our church and made this statement, "if your thinking has brought you to a place you don't like...stop it!"

The statement of "Stop it!" was like a mental reset and sent me on a journey of discovery into the mind of Christ and the heart of God towards me. 

My circumstances and life situations have all been a training ground for me to practice daily. My thinking, language and perspectives have all changed because I took hold of the keys, promises and prophetic words that were given and worked them out in my life with the Three, in real time. I can hardly remember the last time I've had a negative thought about myself - it has to be at least 15 years ago!

As the director of content at Brilliant, I have the opportunity to train our team in how to apply keys, crafted prayers and promises at key times in life as well as in day-to-day circumstances.

Using the practices I've learned and applied over the years, I've been able to help others maintain focus and upgrade mindsets, language and perspectives in a fraction of the time it took me.

My first encounter with Graham’s teachings was a part of propelling me into a rich and wondrous journey of overcoming life in God.
Over the 16 years since I first heard him, I’ve put what I learned from the Holy Spirit and Graham to the test. In one extended season, where I faced near homelessness with my family, a business on the brink of bankruptcy, burn out and hurt in ministry, intense anxiety attacks, and my wife becoming ill for months – while I struggled to care for our three young children.
During that time, my understanding of Graham's teaching, wisdom, and powerful insights about the nature of God were a massive advantage. Thus I walked through it with overcoming peace and trust in God's goodness, His faithfulness towards me, and knowing He was lovingly working all things for my good.

Today, as I've partnered with Brilliant, I’ve been mentored in relationship with Graham, I've curated and hosted our Brilliant Perspectives Podcast (up to almost 4 million downloads now!), and I've been blessed to serve as the Community Manager for Brilliant. 

Through countless times of mentoring, discipling and teaching others, I've witnessed the struggles and challenges people face on their journey, and the places they get stuck.
I’m thrilled to disciple and coach in "Impartation," partnering with you in this next phase of your breakthrough, increase and indescribable blessing in Jesus :)

This is a great opportunity to trust the Lord and to partner with Him. Join us as a member of Impartation and help accelerate your heart-learning with a community just like you.