Live in victory with God, no matter what life throws your way. 


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Brilliant life: Premium PASS TO LIVE COACHING
$79/mo or $797 one-time Lifetime payment
  • Includes Brilliant TV Library
  • Live, guided learning and teaching!
  • Q&A sessions and extra content
  • Twice Annual 12-Week Coaching Sprints (Join spring & fall sessions, watch replays, participate in live calls for each sprint!)
  • Watch Parties (Join BTV episode watch parties. After viewing the episode together, we will discuss the episode and have time to share our key takeaways in a group setting.)
  • VIP Experience + Bonus Content (Attend extra days during live events when available, watch bonus content and extended interviews, get sneak peeks at upcoming new products and series, and hop on live calls with the Brilliant Team.)
  • Text Devotional Studies and Event Reminders
  • Free Registration for Live Events
  • ​Family Membership (automatically includes access for both you, your spouse, and your immediate family members!)
  • If you'd like to purchase a ticket for a friend, enter their name and email above.
  • ​They will receive an email with details on the event! Contact your friend and let them know you have purchased their registration. Encourage them to check their email for the link to view the livestream. 

Join a safe and uplifting community of believers who love the revelation you love and are experiencing breakthrough right now! 

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  • Small Group License: with exclusive Leadership Guide (value $1500 $100)
  • ​Keys to Kingdom Learning Bonus Guidebook: These 10 Kingdom Keys will help you understand more of who God really is through your experiences, study and encounters with the Truth. Includes ​printable PDF guide (value $10) 

Total Value: $210

Now only: $67

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